Congreso is on a Mission 2 Impact! 

Through M2I, Congreso will implement our theory of change, build on our strengths, and work relentlessly to maximize our impact.


¡Felicidades, ELECT!

Congratulations to the ELECT team for successfully designing and pitching an improved motivational interviewing tool to their funder last week!  ​After being the first Congreso program team to go through design lab last summer, the ELECT team is using the skills they've learned to make a program tool more client-centered. The improved form will be tested for implementation across Pennsylvania! This is what M2I is all about.


Pan American Academy Partnership - Lean Methods in Practice

Leadership staff from Congreso & Pan American Academy Charter School shared a 2-day retreat in June to get to know each other and discuss how to work better together to serve students and families. Through Mission 2 Impact, we have committed to working closer with Pan American and their families.

With the help of consultant Steve Nagai-Ma, the teams have started putting Lean Impact methods into practice - identifying a problem, measurable goals, and possible solutions to rapidly test for value, growth, and impact. The team even tested a few ideas with a group of parents and students that generously volunteered their time to provide feedback. 

There are several projects underway at PAACS designed to help us learn about what works best when it comes to successfully serving youth and their families! These projects are focused around the new kindergarten class and include expanding OST slots, the Empowerment series workshop for parents, improved communication with families and marketing of Congreso, and connecting 2 families to a Congreso navigator that will help them connect to Congreso services across divisions.

We look forward to our continued partnership with PAACS to learn from these experiences and improve our ability to holistically serve the students and families on our campus. !Pa’lante to the PAACS team & families this school year!   ​


M2I in Action

Design Lab: Three additional programs (Next Step, Housing, and LDVP)  are currently working with Ryan Jahn to learn human-centered design skills that can be applied to improve their programs.

Data Lab: In August, the Data & Evaluation Team lead the CDL Program through the first data lab. Data Lab is being piloted to complement Design Labs, and particularly focus on a program's data and performance management strategy, to make sure each program has clear mission statements, outcomes and data tracking tools to increase client outcomes and impact. Stay tuned for more information on how it went!

Conversion Funnels: Thanks to the Directors and their teams for recently completing the FY19 Conversion Funnels for their programs!  We had great conversations about the impact that programs are having, and ways to continue to improve in FY20.  Teams are setting stretch goals to increase their conversion rate and positive impact on clients, so look out for communication from your program leadership to get involved in testing some ideas in FY20!

M2I Scorecard: We're working on an M2I FY20 Scorecard that will allow us to track the primary outcomes we're striving to achieve through M2I, as well as our progress towards each of those goals.  Goals include increasing flexible funding, impact (measured by conversion rates), the amount of staff and programs participating in Design Lab, and more!  Stay tuned for a draft scorecard in the coming months so we can measure our progress and keep moving M2I forward!


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