We're excited to launch this bi-weekly update about M2I!  We hope these updates will keep you informed about what's happening with M2I as well as opportunities for you to get engaged and excited about where we are headed!‚Äč

Congreso is on a Mission 2 Impact! 

Through M2I, Congreso will implement our theory of change, build on our strengths, and work relentlessly to maximize our impact.


M2I Happening:

Design Consultant Ryan Jahn will be onsite in January to work with the VPs and teams within each division to kick off the next round of design labs. Each team will be working with Ryan to map out their programs, identify areas of opportunity for change and growth, and gain insights into the benefits of using human-centered design to create better services for our clients!

The "design lab" is a learning and hands-on design opportunity for leadership and program teams to learn about and embed human-centered design practices into our strategy. Many of our funding models are complicated, not very staff/client-centered and limit the ways in which we can interact with and support our clients. Design labs will equip Congreso program teams with the tools necessary to boost our impact and deliver on our promise to clients. This strategy will enable us to investigate programs to find areas of opportunity and design enhancements to make our services more staff and client-centered.

All programs will go through a design lab over the coming year, giving all staff the ability to directly contribute to the design and implementation of creative solutions to ultimately improve outcomes for our clients.


Committee Update: 

The Communications Committee, consisting of 9 staff members from all 4 divisions, is charged with considering communications strategies to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and aware of Mission 2 Impact. To date, the Committee facilitated the process to select the name "Mission 2 Impact," developed an M2I Vision, logo, and summary for onboarding, hosted an M2I Open House, and created an M2I survey.

In November, the M2I survey was shared with all staff and 64 Congreso employees responded and shared their feedback. From the survey, we learned that staff have been receiving information about M2I primarily through all staff emails, CEO Listening Tours, and division meetings. We will continue to utilize these channels to share information and gather feedback. We recognize that the responses from the survey represent only a sample of the Congreso familia and that more feedback and engagement from stakeholders, especially staff, is critical to the process. 


Frequently Asked Questions*:

How will programs and services be connected and designed to support each other?

This will be an ongoing element to the M2I strategy, and the corresponding program enhancement discussions which will require us to be thoughtful in program design about linking existing Congreso programs and clients. How can programs prioritize current clients and members of their families? Are their obvious opportunities for connections between our existing Congreso programs? For example, linking the family in one of our afterschool programs to services at the Health Center. How can we design all Congreso programs to work together to support an entire family unit?

In the short-term, efforts are being made to make sure that staff are aware of all of the services that Congreso has to offer and are equipped with the resources and knowledge they need to refer clients internally. We created one-page overviews of programs and contacts in each Division as well as hosted division open houses. There were also PCM Quality Circles focused on internal referrals this fall. Long-term, we will be developing processes for intake and navigation of Congreso services that will be critical to integrating our services and implementing M2I.

*A list of 16 frequently asked questions was compiled in December and we will continue to include responses in future updates. 


Stay Tuned!

Regular supervisor and non-supervisor forums will be returning in 2019! We look forward to utilizing these forums for professional development and M2I discussions and activities. 


Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Want more information? Please reach out to Julia Rivera at riveraju@congreso.net.

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